Why Your Child Should Get Dirty More

November 01, 2021

How much screen time does your child enjoy? Many parents will give you an answer without thinking twice. Now ask them how much time their kids spend playing outside. Well, the silence is all the answers you need.

Granted, the mess can be a lot of trouble to clean. However, you put your child at a great disadvantage keeping them out of the dirt. Nowadays, parents are very protective. Although they think they are protecting the child, keeping children away from dirt would rob them of healthy microbes. In the end, are you really protecting the child?

Children need to get outside more – and for good reasons. Here, I summarize 5 reasons your child should get dirty more. Hold on to your hat!

  1. Boost immune system

Early exposure to microbes helps to strengthen your child’s immune system. Scientists confirmed these microbes help your child build stronger immunity that would serve them well as they grow older. Unlike what many parents think, you are actually doing your child a favor by letting them outside in the sand and mud. You cannot improve your immune system via TV screens.

More importantly, allowing your child play outside gives them an ample chance to boost their vitamin since the sun is a primary source of vitamin D. In case you don’t know already, vitamin D enhances bone development. Besides strengthening the immune system, vitamin D ensures your child develop strong bones and teeth, which is necessary for overall strength and development.

  1. Protect mental health

Mental health is an increasing concern across every age group and gender. Statistics show that children allowed to play outside are less likely to develop mental issues. Why? For starters, basking in nature gives you a sense of appreciation and fulfillment. Second, being active activates the happy hormone that keeps sadness and depression at bay. Ultimately, your child lives a happier and more fulfilling life deprived of sadness and depression.

Being stuck indoors, on the other hand, tend to lead to depression and aggression. These kids are bored and spend most days on the same routine – mostly screens. You can see how that can be depressing for a kid who wants to go outside and be a kid.

  1. Strengthen motor skills

Somehow you can easily tell apart a child stuck indoors for most of their lives and one who is allowed to play outside early enough. This is usually reflected in their motor skills. The early stage of a child’s life is critical because of the rapid development at this stage. Playing outside allows your child to be very active, which helps them strengthen motor skills. For example, an active child will walk faster than one who rarely leaves a spot. They also boast better physical strength compared to others.

In addition to that, being active means less time in front of the TV. Therefore giving you an easy and productive way to reduce their screen time. You should give it a try!

  1. Keep them happy and stress-free

Just as adults seek a happy and stress-free life, children deserve to have a taste of what it means to be truly free and happy. While the toys, games, and movies definitely keep them happy indoors, there is an unlocked level of happiness that comes with being free and creative outdoors. Trust me, it is different. And you won’t understand the difference until you have tasted both.

Children can build up stress and anxiety too. Letting them get a little dirty outside could help take the edge off and keep them happy and inspired.

  1. They appreciate nature better

No matter how good simulation may be, it can never be the same as being out there in nature. Yes, children read books and watch movies, however, they get to appreciate nature better when they are actively present in it. As we look forward to building a more environmentally-conscious society, it would be great to start teaching your children about nature by allowing them to see her beauty first hand. It doesn’t need to be outside your home country. There are many places to appreciate nature around you – yes, even your backyard. Introduce them to a new friend – nature.


As a mom, I know the feeling of wanting to protect your child from everything. You are responsible for this tiny human you love more than life itself. Yeah, it is a lot of pressure to make the right decision all the time. Yet, I have come to learn that allowing your kids some freedom is the best decision sometimes. This is one of the scenarios where letting go is a form of protection. Your kids need to be outside for many good reasons. Don’t rob them of this growth experience.

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