Stay-cation ideas

January 15, 2020

There are multiple families that want nothing more than to enjoy the summers by taking a few days off from work, packing their bags and leaving their city to enjoy a beach somewhere or maybe a hike at a hill station. While all these ideas sound tempting, they require a lot of time as well as spending.

For families that have time but don’t want to leave the town due to some family obligations or any other reasons, there is an equally good alternative i.e. staycation. Staycation is basically the idea of staying in one own house and visiting local attractions rather than leaving the city or country.

It is a remarkable way to enjoy a holiday and fill your time with fun activities that you and your family can enjoy together. Some of the best staycation ideas include:

The organic farmer’s market

While technology has made our lives easier and convenient, it has also taken out the fun from the traditional activities that families used to enjoy together. A trip to the farmer’s market could accomplish that. The idea of an entire family, holding baskets and roaming around the organic market looking for the freshest product seems a bit traditional but is an excellent idea for the family to have fun together.


A barbeque was the traditional way of having a holiday. It incorporated several elements in one such as a nice and tasty barbeque, a gathering of friends, children playing and a pool party. Arranging a similar BBQ party could not only serve as a good time for your family, but might also allow the other families in your neighborhood to enjoy an afternoon together.

 Family sports

This has started to gain a lot of popularity in families. You could arrange a gaming tournament involving all your family members in a sport or game that you all enjoy. One of the names that is extremely popular in this way, is paintball. Your entire family could split into teams and enjoy a whole day of playing paintball together. You could arrange something similar in other sports and games as well, such as bowling, laser tag, or even video games at home.

A movie marathon

A movie marathon is one of the traditional ways to enjoy a staycation at home. Any of your favorite movie franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter etc. would make for an epic 10 or so hours for your entire family to relive some of their favorite cinematic moments. Thanks to Netflix, this has become an even easier activity to do, with unlimited options to choose from, during your staycation.

Bonus – A picnic

A picnic is another traditional way a family could enjoy some quality time together. A picnic basket filled with all the favorite items in a park near a lake is the ideal setting for a family to enjoy themselves in nature. It is a nice way to get away from the hustling schedules of everyday life and enjoy an afternoon in the heart of nature away from all your problems. While this is not strictly part of a traditional staycation, it is enjoyable nevertheless!

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