Increasing Brand Credibility: 5 Tested Ways to Build Trust With Parents

December 01, 2020

Trust is a critical factor when choosing a child care center. Parents need to be assured their children are in safe hands. Leaving your kids with a stranger is so much stress already. Imagine how difficult it can be when you do not trust the stranger. Exactly!

This is why parents scout through the town, looking for a reliable child care center despite having tons of child care centers close to their home. This goes to show that proximity is not the first point of consideration.

So, how do you build trust with people you do not even know? Check out these 5 Tested Ways to Build Trust With Parents.

  1. Build an Active and Informative Blog

Do you have a blog section yet? If yes, what kind of contents do you post? Also, how often do you post?

A blog section is no longer an option in today’s competitive market. If you plan to maintain an edge over your competitors then you need to stand out from the crowd. Besides your services, your blog section serves as a good channel to position yourself as an expert in your field.

One of the first sections visitors check on your website is your blog section. Here, they are able to tell from afar off if you truly understand their needs and capable of delivering lasting solutions.

If maintained properly, your blog can serve as:

  • A marketing tool to boost your SEO
  • A channel to communicate with your community
  • An advertisement tool to showcase your expertise in the field
  • An opportunity to educate and engage your audience
  1. Maintain a Strong Online Presence

If your child care doesn’t have an online presence already then you are definitely missing out on a lot. Circumventing the throes of the 21st century business world is impossible without a strong online presence. From setting up a professional website to maintaining an active social media presence, your child care will benefit a lot from a strong online presence.

For starters, new parents rely on these sources to gather information about the business including its credibility. A strong online presence is an additional point to your credibility score.

  1. Put Health and Safety First

Now more than ever, health and safety come first in every establishment. If you can prove to parents that their children are safe in your facility, you already make it easy to trust you.

Endeavor to include COVID-19 safety practices on your website. I advise you organize a tour for interested parents so they can see for themselves. You will be surprised how much impact this has on your enrollment figures.

  1. Make Them Know You Care

Child care, as I always say, is not just any business. As a child care provider, you are a part of a larger community of diverse families. It is not business as usual as you would see in other business sectors. Here, you have to build a bond with the community to keep their trust. One tested and trusted way to do that is to show them who you are and that you care.

  1. Referral is Your Best Bet

Lastly, don’t sleep on referrals. It is easy for parents to trust other parents’ recommendations because they believe these parents must trust you to leave their kids with you. And if they trust you, then you must be credible. Hence many parents rely on word-of-the-mouth recommendations while searching for a reliable child care center. So, if you want to build trust fast, you should totally encourage referrals.


Building trust in your community may not be an easy game. However, I am positive these hacks will expedite the process. Let me know which one worked for you. Talk soon!

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