Getting Your Kids Involved in Holiday Chores

January 01, 2023
  • Introduction

    ‘Tis the season again!!! The holidays are a great time to strengthen the family bond. As you bring your friends and family together to share the love and joy of the holiday, this also means more cleaning and chores. Who said you have to do it alone? Chores can be like any other fun activity you do with your kids. Involving your little helpers will give you a great bonding time while also reducing your workload. Keep reading to see how to get your kids involved in holiday chores.


    1. Get them involved in the kitchen

    Yes, I know you think they are too small to help out in the kitchen. Well, you may be wrong. Children are very happy to be involved in baking and cooking. They will insist on staying with you even when you have nothing for them to do. So, why not get them involved? Find some little chores that they can handle.

    1. Get them involved in gift wrapping

    What is the holiday without gifts?! You don’t know how smart and helpful kids can be until you actually seek their opinion. Not sure what gift to buy? Your kids may have an idea. Want help wrapping the gift? Trust them to lend a helping hand. Want to hide the gift? They are so great at secret-keeping. Just make it fun and accept their little help. You will be happy you did.

    1. Get them involved in decorations

    Decorations are a big part of the holidays. Depending on the age of your kids, you can get them to help you with some decorations. They can hang the socks, decorate the halls, put up the lights and even put the Christmas tree together. They will be very happy to be part of the decoration. One thing though, be sure to pick the right chore for the right age. 

    1. Get them involved in cleaning

    The fun never stops, but so is the cleaning. Don’t allow the chores to ruin your Christmas. Instead, get your little helpers to help with some part of the cleaning. They can arrange their room, pick up toys, put the gifts under the tree, vacuum the floor, take out the trash, do the dishes, etc. There is definitely something appropriate for kids to do.

    1. Get them to watch the pets

    Let’s not forget about the pets! As it gets busier, you can get your kids to watch the pets. After all, they love playing with the pet. Get your kids to feed the pets, play with them, and keep them out of your way. If they are old enough, they can also walk the pet in the backyard. One less worry for you.

    Parting thought

    Involving kids in holiday chores is a good way to make core memories while also taking some load off your back. The good news is that children are happy to get involved in chores. So don’t feel bad. You just have to pick the right chore and try to make it fun.

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