Acing Work-Life Balance As a Mom

September 01, 2021

I am very sure this isn’t the first time you have heard of work-life balance. We are constantly reminded of the need to strike the balance. But how do we hit that mark?

Striking the balance is tough enough for someone with a demanding job and social responsibilities. Now, add a tiny human to this combo and you will have the ‘balance mark’ shift even further. As a mom and grandma, I can tell you for free that it is never easy.

For working moms, the work-life balance is a myth. You have a tiny human to protect and care for and a full-time job to show up to every day. No matter what you do, it will always seem like you never get everything right. I am here to tell you that [that] is totally fine. There is no set-in-stone rule for work-life balance. And like you, millions of moms out there are struggling too. So, take a deep breath and appreciate yourself for daring to embark on this journey that many wouldn’t.

Ready? Now, let’s explore certain hacks that will lift some of the stress and push you further towards your work-life balance.

  1. Understand that you cannot do it all

The first hurdle you will face is trying to do it all. You want to be a good mum, a good wife, and a productive employee. That’s too many tasks to take on. There is no chance you will ever make it to the work-life balance mark this way.

It is okay to want it all but understand you cannot do it all by yourself. Don’t selfishly take it all when you could get your spouse, family, and friends involved. Trust me, they understand that you need all the help you can get. So, don’t be scared to ask.

  1. Routine is boring but vital

Spontaneity is fun. I am one of those people who get bored with routines. But when I became a mom, it was crystal clear that spontaneity won’t cut it here. Yes, routines are boring, however, they are very important in keeping you organized and focused. This is the only way to push yourself further towards the balance.

In creating your daily routine, endeavor to use a priority scale. Remember you cannot do it all and that is okay. Therefore, be practical with your routine, designate tasks to others, and [most importantly] let some things go. It is okay.

  1. Be present – everywhere

Every mom struggle with being present. Don’t get stuck in the loop of being everywhere. Sure, you want to know how your baby is doing but this is time for work. Trust that you chose the right caregiver and concentrate on the task at hand because the next task is only a few minutes or hours away.

Also, when you are at home, be present at home. This is not the time to finish the task from work. You had your chance at work earlier. It is family time. Stick with your routine.

  1. Get external help – child care

We have covered the need to involve your friends and family. I will need to add that you may need external help too. Your spouse and friends may not be available at all times. This is where child care comes in. You may opt for a nanny, babysitter, or daycare. This external option ensures your child is attended to whenever you are busy.

Caregivers are a vital part of your ‘village’. They are always available when every other option fails. Don’t sleep on this!

  1. Don’t just be a mom

Isn’t it funny how we strive to hit the balance yet spend all the time being a mom? Don’t get me wrong. You should absolutely care for your family. However, while you are at it, you must understand that you are not just a mom. You are also a partner, friend, daughter, mentor, and employee. These areas of your life do not deserve to die because you are a mom now. It is very difficult, I know. But the hard fact is that you must make time for these other areas of your life if you truly want to strike that balance. You are so much more than a mom.

  1. Get enough rest – ‘me time’

Okay, that doesn’t sound like a hack, yes? Well, I believe it is the most important hack on the list. Nothing good comes from overworking yourself. You are completely burned out and your health gets worse by the day. In no time, you won’t be able to do anything at all – be it at home or work. So, if you truly think about it, you would agree that being well and alive is the greatest hack to attaining work-life balance.

Therefore, don’t forget to get as much rest as needed. Take some me-time off. Try something out of your routine. Take care of yourself as much as you fight to care for everyone else.


Parting thought…

Work-life balance is difficult to attain but not impossible. With the right measures, discipline, and consistency, you will find yourself in a happy place as a working mom and partner.

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