It takes a villiage to raise a child

February 11, 2020

One of the most important tasks that societies have is to raise children that are capable of sustaining the future and continue the trajectory of progress. There’s a quote that fits quite well here; ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. The meaning of this is fairly simple. While the primary responsibility of raising a child fit enough to become a productive member of society in the future falls on the shoulders of their parents, society at large has a responsibility to ensure that too.

Te above depends on what kind of an atmosphere they provide; the scale of education, security as well as moral upbringing. This has been the case ever since the time of the hunter-gatherers. There are certain behaviors that these societies adopted and it ended up creating a future generation that led them into prosperity.

Some of these points and how they can be adopted by the society today are listed below:


Children are wonderful beings. Their imagination knows no bounds and that can be seen in some of the ways they express it. Paintings, songs and even talking with one another, children often speak about wild ideas that must not be dismissed outright. This is one of the cruelest things that any society can do to its children by stifling their imagination. While being realistic will probably serve them well in the future, it would be counter-productive to break their free spirit at such a young age. Let their spirits run wild and savor in their colorful imagination.


A good society can only hope to maintain its solidarity and unity together when it fosters an attitude of togetherness in the children. Selfishness is a trait that ultimately leads to hurting the society’s chances of being united in the long run. An environment and culture, in which there is great emphasis on team building, collective efforts and mutual understanding can help cement the foundation of a future society where there is a greater sense of prominence in helping each other.

Add a sense of responsibility among them:

It seems a bit implausible to suggest that children should be made to bear some form of responsibility at such young ages. However, there are several studies that support the idea that if children are given some sort of elementary responsibilities at young ages, such as taking care of a plant or helping their mother with placing the plates on the dining table, it helps sow the seeds of a sense of obligation.

Encourage their efforts:

Children need to feel that their parents stand behind them and will always be supportive of them no matter what. This can create a sense of assurance in them that can go a long way in ensuring that children grow up to become stable and productive members of society. It’s not just the parent’s responsibility but also that of their teachers and other elders. Their efforts, no matter how miniscule should be appreciated. This will serve as the necessary encouragement for their future efforts.

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